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24 Hours After Taking Oath, Justice Brett Kavanaugh Makes SCOTUS History

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On Saturday, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States and immediately took the oath of office in a private ceremony to complete the appointment. Just 24 hours later, he had already made Supreme Court history with a move that has silenced Democrats.

During his confirmation hearing, Brett Kavanaugh boasted that he would be the first justice at the U.S. Supreme Court to hire only women to fill his four clerkship spots. On Sunday, he made good on that promise:

A day after the bitter fight over his nomination ended in his elevation to the Supreme Court, Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh was in his new chambers on Sunday, preparing for the arguments the court is to hear as it enters the second week of its term.

His supporters hope he can settle into the court’s work, demonstrate that he is an able judge and put accusations of sexual misconduct and questions about his temperament behind him. His critics say the court may never fully recover from a confirmation process marked by raw anger and partisan polarization.

Justice Kavanaugh met with his four law clerks, all women — a first for the Supreme Court — in chambers that had until recently been occupied by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who has moved to Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s old chambers. [Source: The New York Times]

But this is nothing new. Brett Kavanaugh has a long history of championing diversity.

This term, Justice Brett Kavanaugh has already hired as many African-American law clerks as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has in her entire 25-year tenure.

— Jonathan H. Adler (@jadler1969) October 7, 2018

Of course, feminists everywhere should be jumping for joy over this news, but they have remained notably silent. Likewise, liberals ought to have applauded Kavanaugh’s confirmation, seeing as he has such a long history of appointing African-Americans, but they fought it tooth and nail.

On the D.C. Circuit, Kavanaugh hired 25 women and 23 men as law clerks. His four clerks from 2014 to 2015 were women, and 21 of the 25 he hired went on to U.S. Supreme Court clerkships. His 48 clerks represented diverse background and viewpoints.

With Kavanaugh’s elevation, law school graduates lose an opportunity for an appellate clerkship with one of the top “feeder judges” to the justices who are now his colleagues.

Kavanaugh sent 39 of his 48 clerks to the Supreme Court, including clerks serving justices in the current term. Although most of those clerks have gone to the conservative justices—with Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. hiring 13, the largest number—Kavanaugh sent two each to justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, and one to Stephen Breyer. No former Kavanaugh clerk has gone on to clerk for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. [Source: The National Law Journal]

Truth be told, we shouldn’t be at all surprised that the newly-minted Justice Kavanaugh is the bane of every Democrat in America because he is everything they wish they themselves could be. The left has reacted the same way to President Donald Trump at every turn. Did the Democrats give credit where credit was due when Trump achieved the lowest black unemployment rate on record? No, they did not. Did they support the president when he appointed more women to a high-ranking position within his administration than perhaps any of his predecessors? No, they did not.

There is a glaring double-standard at play here. It isn’t new and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on. The Democrats fancy themselves the party of diversity, but when it comes down to it, they are far more concerned with partisan politics than with actually helping women and minorities.

If they truly cared about these things, it wouldn’t matter to them that a Republican president was making strides for the African-American community; they would simply jump on board to help. If they truly cared about women, they would stop protesting Kavanaugh and pat him on the back for hiring a team of all-female law clerks, effectively making Supreme Court history as soon as he took the oath of office.

What the heck is the left “resisting” at this point? No wonder Democrats are beginning to #WalkAway from their party in droves. Mark my words, there is no “Blue Wave” coming in November. Liberals have done themselves in with their senseless political games that aren’t helping anyone, least of all themselves.

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