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A Message from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, associate justice, U.S. Supreme Court

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Prominent experts gathered at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Oct. 21 and 22, 2018, for the National Conference on the First Amendment: Bedrock of American Freedom. The conference addressed the importance of the First Amendment in a free and democratic society.
A video message from U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg opened the conference. Justice Ginsburg expressed what America means to her and how the First Amendment has played a primary role in guiding her views throughout her life. She also noted that the ability to speak, think and write freely without fear must be preserved—even during trying times.

Presented by Duquesne University and The Pittsburgh Foundation, the conference was co-sponsored by Allegheny Foundation, The Benter Foundation and Knight Foundation.

The conference garnered national attention, and it can be viewed in its entirety online at

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