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Fighting Words

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Just going to drop this post right here.

Fighting Words:

“The best-selling Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, by Knizhnik and journalist Irin Carmon, focuses on Ginsburg’s evolving image and cultural currency. It reproduces many black-and-white photographs of a stylish and vivacious Ginsburg. (My Own Words includes most of these, too.) As a senior at Cornell in 1954, she resembled a sultry Lizabeth Scott or a glamorous Veronica Lake. As late as 1980, she was elegantly tailored, smiling, and chic in her roles as lawyer, professor, and ACLU strategist. Not until 1984, at the age of 51, was she photographed tight-lipped and forbidding in the black robe of a federal appeals court judge. The judicial robe is intended to mask difference between the judges, and Ginsburg has welcomed it as a symbol of unity: “We are all in the business of impartial judging.” But the robes were never meant for women. Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor adopted a wardrobe of frilly and jeweled collars to mark their difference, but even the lacy jabots make her look like the nineteenth-century suffragists whose lacy caps suggested unthreatening femininity when they spoke in public.

Notorious RBG includes many full-color photographs of Ginsburg in all her private roles—posing with her husband in her judicial robes while he is wearing an apron; in India in a turban, riding on an elephant behind her friend Scalia; white­water rafting with colleagues in Colorado; and, most spectacularly, as a radiant extra in the opera Ariadne auf Naxos at the Kennedy Center, holding a lovely fan, wearing a white ball gown and a flattering platinum wig. Carmon and Knizhnik also display her status as a cultural icon in sketches by court artists, cartoons, portraits, tattoos, nail art, embroidery, greeting cards, Halloween costumes, and fan selfies. Her willingness to be seen and photographed in playful public appearances marks her as one of the most approachably human justices in recent memory. And by bringing her image into popular culture, Carmon and Knizhnik override some of the generational conflicts in feminism that exclude older women from the community.

The chapter titles (“Been in This Game for Years”) are taken from the lyrics of Notorious B.I.G., with subtitles like “RBG’s Swag.” But the book is also thoroughly researched through archives and interviews. The authors are both lively and serious in their attention to Ginsburg’s legal career, providing accessible introductions to her major opinions and dissents, helpfully reprinted with key passages highlighted in boldface, and annotated in red by two law professors. For those to whom RBG’s cultural appeal is obvious, there is an exploration of her legal importance, and vice versa. Perhaps more than anything else, the book demonstrates that to understand her formidable influence, you need to understand both.”

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Q: Treachery – John McCain & Ruth Bader Ginsburg

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
Did you see this?

Q has been posting about the treachery of Senator John McCain and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who Q has suggested may know something about the murder of Supreme Court Justice Scalia. In this video, a follow up to my video ‘Think children, think slaves’ we take a deeper look at these to “government servants'” and go deep down the rabbit hole.

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Linda Greenhouse owes me her Pulitzer

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
Just going to drop this post right here.

I was reading an article on the New York Times today by Linda Greenhouse from July 10, titled “The Cost of Compromise.” In it, she clearly plagiarizes my blog post about the Voting Rights Act decision which I published on the day of the decision, June 25. She discusses why the Baddest Bitch, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, would have been the only dissenting justice in the Fisher case, and goes on to explain that RBG likely didn’t want to again sign on to a supposedly narrow decision in Fisher that could be used against her or the liberals later, just as Chief Justice Roberts did in the VRA case with the previous “narrow” VRA case from 2009.

Linda Greenhouse, Pulitzer Prize-winning plagiarist. (I’m not going to source this picture in protest.)As I wrote the day of the VRA decision last month, “Today might have been the answer [to why RBG was the lone dissent in Fisher]. These conservative skunks have fooled the liberals before into joining ‘narrow’ rulings that they later use to further their ultra conservative ideology. So maybe the Baddest Bitch wanted to avoid that mistake with Fisher.” Greenhouse writes, “And then, the very next day, came the court’s 5-to-4 decision in the voting rights case, Shelby County v. Holder. There, it seemed to me, was the answer to the puzzle.” And she ends her column as follows: “‘Fool me once, shame on you,’ the old saying goes. ‘Fool me twice, shame on me.’ No one ever fooled Ruth Bader Ginsburg twice.”

Astonishingly, Greenhouse, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, does not cite the GinsBlog post, written over two weeks earlier, anywhere in her column. The shade of it all! I will have her career for this….no, but literally, can I please have Linda Greenhouse’s career?

Seriously, though, what does piss me off is that some bitchass tumblr (no! don’t click on the link! why did i even put it there?!) which claims to be devoted to RBG, aka the Baddest Bitch, aka Real Bad Gangsta, is created almost year after the GinsBlog, the FIRST website devoted exclusively to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but gets so much damn attention. It’s probably because that tumblr was only created when RBG was all over the news with her characteristic awesomeness. Apparently some people only like to profess their love for Our Immortal Justice from the comfort of a bandwagon, while others of us(me) toil meticulously over incisve, well-written Pulitzer Prize-winning-journalist-plagiarism-worthy blog posts, reading full Supreme Court opinions, listening to decades-old oral arguments on Oyez, scouring the Internet for the perfect pictures to include in each post.

But whatever. Fuck basic bitches. This blog isn’t about them. This is the GinsBlog. This is about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Baddest Bitch, the God of the American Judiciary. My love for her lasts all year long, all day, err day.

“My haters are my motivators.” P.S.–Just to be clear, I actually really like Linda Greenhouse. I read her biography of Harry Blackmun a few weeks ago; that shit was good.

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RBG Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Indie

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
Check out this great video!

Check out the new trailer for RBG starring Ruth Bader Ginsburg! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: May 4, 2018
Starring: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gloria Steinem, Nina Totenberg
Directed By: Julie Cohen, Betsy West
Synopsis: A look at the life and work of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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She’s immortal, so stop asking when she’ll retire

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
Check this out!

RBG has been giving interviews lately that show why the call her the Baddest Bitch. I’m too lazy right now to make this a well-written or organized post but here some highlights:

In an interview last month with Supreme Court reporter Joan Biskupic, America’s favorite justice revealed that she again broke two ribs this last May, having also broken her ribs last year. “‘I knew immediately what it was this time,’ she said, adding that there was nothing to do but take pain killers and wait out the six weeks as her ribs healed. […] Ginsburg was examined at the Office of the Attending Physician at the Capitol and then went about her regular schedule.” Seriously, what the fuck. NOTHING can stop this woman. She truly is immortal…I didn’t even know how true it was when I first said it.

Real Bad Gangsta also says she’s going to resist all pressure from liberals who will call on her to retire so that President Obama can appoint her successor. Biskupic reported, “Ginsburg referred to past liberal commentary and predicted, ‘That’s going to start up again.'”In considering whether to retire, RBG says, “It really has to be, ‘Am I equipped to do the job?’ … I was so pleased that this year I couldn’t see that I was slipping in any respect.” You’re DAMN RIGHT she’s not slipping! Want proof? Just three words: Shelby County dissent.  (By the way, I love that the spell check suggestion for “Biskupic” is “Bisquick.”)

When discussing when she predicted she might retire, “She has previously said she wanted her tenure to at least match the nearly 23 years of Justice Louis Brandeis, which would get her to April 2016, and said she had a new ‘model’ in Justice Stevens, who retired at age 90 after nearly 35 years on the bench.” I love this Bitch so much. This is basically what she’s saying to people who want her to retire:
“You’d be best off sittin your tired ass down.”
The Baddest Bitch added, “I wonder if Sandra regrets stepping down when she did?” I can’t. OMGinsburg, that’s sassy. And when asked how she felt about Justice “Basic Bitch” Alito making faces while she read a dissent during one of the last days of the term, she said “I’m in such good company. I’m in the company of the president.” 

In a separate interview with the Associated Press, RBG talked about the new voter suppression efforts that some Southern states have passed in the aftermath of the VRA decision. “I didn’t want to be right, but sadly I am.” RBG knows all. RBG is God.
“You will pay for what you’ve done, John Glover Roberts. One day, you will pay…”
In an interview with USA Today that USA Today chose to call a “rare interview,” the Baddest Bitch said, “I think now I am the hardest-working justice. I wasn’t until David Souter left us.” Hell yes, Bitch, hell yes. And come on, don’t sell yourself short: We all love David Souter, but he left the Court after less than two decades. He was still in his 60s, for Christ’s sake! He can’t have been working that hard.

And apparently I have some of the same work habits as Real Bad Gangsta, who “works late into the wee morning hours,” according to Goowdin Liu, a former clerk for RBG who now serves on the California Supreme Court. “It was not infrequent for law clerks to get messages left on their voicemail at 2 or 3 a.m., because that was her prime time.” It must be hell getting up for oral arguments in the morning, though.

So yeah, there it is. The Baddest Bitch will never stop, so don’t even think about it.
 P.S. — Please marry me, RBG. I can bake, too, just like your first husband!

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20 Fucking Years

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
I understand you guys all admire the Notorious RBG as much as I do. I ran across the next very interesting piece of info. Check it out!

Twenty years ago today, Ruth Bader Ginsburg arrived at the Supreme Court, ready to show her fellow justices, the nation, and the world why they call her the Baddest Bitch. But unlike some of the losers (see picture below) who have joined the Court in past, RBG was superstar before she was even nominated. A twirling squad virtuoso, a beast of law schools, Columbia Law School’s first female tenured professor, a women’s rights champion who helped establish in a series of cases a constitutional basis for gender equality, a master of the DC Circuit, and on and on, she had already earned the title of Real Bad Gangsta. But her power, stature, and Badness has only grown in the past 20 years, as we all well know.

I really like this picture.How does one properly pay tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Words are so futile in the face of such a task.
Did you know that RBG came to the Court the day after her beloved husband Marty died to read an opinion in a 5-4 decision that she had authored? “It was so hard, but Ruth is just so strong,” one of her fellow justices said, according to Supreme Court reporter Marcia Coyle’s new book, The Roberts Court: The Struggle for the Constitution. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is indeed struggling for the Constitution on the current conservative Court, struggling for all of us. What can we possibly do to repay here?
There she is with Marty, back in the day.The answer is, there is nothing we can do to repay her, because her contributions to this country and on the Court are invaluable. Let’s just hope she remains the Supreme Court for another 20+ years. It’s about time we had a supercentenarian justice.
Because I guess it’s fitting, I was going to include the video of President Bill Clinton announcing his nomination of the Baddest Bitch, but the YouTube video of it apparently can’t be embedded (it seems the Clinton Library jealously guards its ever so valuable videos), so whatever, here’s the link. It’s starts at the good part (where RBG starts talking). Well anyway, here is a picture from the big day 20 years ago that I just found. I love you RBG!!!!!!

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Murray’s life and work represent both the promise and tragedy of…

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
Check this out!

Murray’s life and work represent both the promise and tragedy of America, braiding together different streams of history: women’s history, African American history, LGBT history. That so many of her dreams were deferred stands as a testament to how intersecting prejudices block even the most brilliant and hardworking from their due.

“We’re standing on their shoulders,” is how Ginsburg explained her Reed v. Reed gesture. “We’re saying the same things they said, but now at last society is ready to listen.” Designating Murray’s home as a National Historic Site would truly show society is finally ready to listen to what Murray was trying to tell us.