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Caption Contest!

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
I know you all admire Ruth Bader Ginsburg in so far as I do. I came across the following very interesting article. Sweet beans!

Just for funsies, I am going to have a caption contest. At first, in a different post, I was going to give the picture below a caption of my own. But then I thought I’d open it up to the full wisdom [sic] of the Internet. And in the end, I’ll choose my own original caption as the best and crown myself the winner of the contest.

But until then, leave your captions in the comments section!

Also, this can maybe be a way of gauging whether anyone still seeing the GinsBlog actually intended to come here. Google Analytics indicates the site is still getting views, but I sometimes wonder if it’s from anything other than spambots and misguided pornography searches.

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