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During His 1st Day As Justice Kavanaugh Did In ONE Day What Ruth Ginsburg Took 25 Years To Do(VIDEO)

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This is pretty great!

During his 1st day as justice Kavanaugh did in one day what Ruth Ginsburg took 25 years to do. Justice Brett Kavanaugh is already breaking records and setting trends on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh is the first justice to hire an all-female class of clerks [Shannon Grammel, Kim Jackson, Megan Lacy, Sara Nommensen]. Kavanaugh also hired a black law clerk, Kim Jackson, matching Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s record zero black employees. On his first day, he did what it took Ginsburg 25 years to do.

Because of Kavanaugh, women now hold the majority of clerkships for the first time in court history. His actions put to rest definitively that he doesn’t respect women.

~ From Youtube

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