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HOW RUDE! Ginsburg Disses Kavanaugh Family During Trump White House Swearing in Ceremony!

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I came across the next very interesting vid. I know you guys all admire Ruth Bader Ginsburg as much as I do. Take a look!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg disrespected Brett Kavanaugh’s family during the Trump White House Swearing in Ceremony for our country’s newest Supreme Court Justice. While everyone else was attentive, clapping and standing when appropriate, RBG couldn’t be bothered. She sat there without looking at the heroes of the hour, she didn’t clap and she didn’t stand when appropriate. Whether it was her feeble body or her contempt for Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, it was obvious Ginsburg rather be somewhere else. Some may say, she is ill. If that is the case, is she fit for service? Should she not retire from serving on the bench?
RBG wasn’t thrilled to be there. But you know who was? Justice Clarence Thomas! He was vicariously re-celebrating the victory the triumph of conservative Constitutionalist judges over deep state Democrat lies, tactics and Wrap-up smears! (AKA High Tech Lynching.) And Anthony Kennedy, who did the swearing in, was thrilled to be there as well!
We also discuss: Scalia and WL Email 6008 and RBG’s hypocritical past and her disdain for Trump.
I also break down the nuances of this entire event!
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