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John Paul Stevens has a new book, and other stuff

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Just going to drop this article right here.

I love Supreme Court justices with sass, and sass from retirement is just as good. John Paul Stevens, who left the Court in 2010, has written a new book, Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, which will be published later this month, two days after the former justice turns 94 (94!). For the New York Times Book Review, JPS answered a series of insipid questions that the Book Review posed to him.
In his responses, Stevens showed that he is well-versed in shameless self-promotion. When asked what one book he would require the president to read, JPS responded that he would have the president read his new book, Six Amendments. I really love that. No façade of wisdom or thoughtfulness; just pure marketing. I guess once you’re a nonagenarian, there’s really no reason to feign modesty. And I liked that he answered that what he plans to read next are reviews of his new book. This is a man who knows what really matters: book sales. Buy this book. An elderly veteran needs your support.And by the way, Justice Stevens, I will gladly accept a free review copy of Six Amendments. I promise I’ll write a glowing review in which I exalt you and your unearthly brilliance, while scorning the contemptible stupidity of your former colleague, Justice Scalia (because we all know you hate him, and he deserves it).
I wish RBG would write a book. Other than, of course, her classic 1965 volume, Civil Procedure in Sweden.
While I’m rambling on, I’ve had a  few other ideas for Supreme Court-related blogs. One would be for posts about the non-Real Bad Gangsta justices and other general SCOTUS goings-on. Though I occasionally focus on other justices in some posts on the GinsBlog (like this post on Stevens), I feel that’s a betrayal of the site’s true purpose: celebrating everything amazing about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But keeping up a blog takes effort and time and stuff, and like, who has those things?
I’ve also thought of creating a site for Supreme Court fanfiction, involving stories where, for example, Justice Ginsburg flies across the land on her rainbow-trailing unicorn, spreading feminist jurisprudence to all those in need and fighting the evil arch-conservative forces of Chief Justice Roberts. And that site would probably also include descriptions of Supreme Court dreams, because I’ve had what is, honestly, an embarrassing number of Supreme Court dreams that I feel I need to share, and the GinsBlog is just not the right forum.
  Would anyone visit those sites? Would anyone want to write for them? Is anyone reading this? Share your thoughts in the comments section. (Seriously, leave comments. They can be anonymous, profane, insulting, I don’t care.)

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