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Justice Ginsburg Has Heart Surgery

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I ran across the following very interesting video clip. I understand you guys admire Ruth Bader Ginsburg in so far as I do. Take a look!

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 81, underwent a heart procedure Wednesday morning to have a stent placed in her right coronary artery.
A blockage was discovered after Ginsburg “experienced discomfort during routine exercise” Tuesday night and was taken to the hospital, according to a release from the Supreme Court.
Ginsburg is resting “comfortably” at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and is expected to be released in the next 48 hours.
Since being sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice in 1993, Ginsburg has been treated for colon cancer and pancreatic cancer.
She said in an interview this summer she has no plans of retiring soon.

~ From Youtube

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