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Moot Beit Din 2016: Bader Ginsburg Division – de Toledo High School

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Moot Beit Din 2016 — West Palm Beach, Florida


Moot Beit Din challenges Jewish high school students to examine the ethical and moral dimensions of Jewish law through creative engagement with contemporary situations. Combining the best of debate with legal analysis, Moot Beit Din exposes students to the vitality of the Jewish legal system and its relevance to their own lives.


The 2016 case focused on issues of Jewish medical ethics, the risks one may or may not take in the attempt to prolong life, and end of life care. In the case, a woman named Shayna faces difficult decisions about the medical care for her ailing father, Leib who has Alzheimer’s disease and recently suffered a heart attack. She seeks guidance from the Beit Din to determine whether or not her father should undergo a risky procedure or have a temporary medical device (IABP) removed. Examining a variety of Jewish legal perspectives, each Moot Beit Din team made a recommendation to Shayna about the difficult decisions ahead of her.

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