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RBG Ancestral Libation/Affirmation/Call & Response

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
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RBG Street Scholar Learning Shelf

CR=Consciousness Raising
RBG SSTT argues that Afrikans in America are too isolated from each other, and that as a result many problems in African peoples lives are more frequently than not misunderstood as “personal,” or as the results of conflicts between the personalities of individual Black and White people, rather than the systematic forms of oppression we are all subject to as a group. Thus, for our school, Raising Consciousness means helping oneself and helping others to become socio- politically conscious and culturally oriented. More specifically, RBG’z Consciousness Raising EduTainment process aimed to provide the learner with a better overstanding of “what is oppression and what is liberation” by bringing us together in a social education environment to discuss and analyze our lives as a collective (Nation within a Nation) ; without interference from the presence of outsiders.
Below are links to our primary learning / teaching environments.

RBG Afrikan- Centered Cultural Development and Education

Public Enemy and Freedom Fighters

Hip Hop and Conscious Rap Music

Black History Month 24/7/365

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