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This is pretty great!

The 7 Minute workout is a series of exercises that use your own body weight, so that you get a quick full body workout in just 7 minutes.

Why only 7 minutes?

Thug only 7 minutes total, the effectiveness of the routine is based on some of the scientific principles of High Intensity Interval Training. When performed correctly, the routine will quickly raise the heart rate and challenge most of the major muscle groups and systems in your body.

While this routine isn’t a replacement for the benefits of other longer forms of exercise, it is a powerful, time saving supplement, when time is limited. If you haven’t been active at all in a while, this is a great jumpstart to get you back on your regimen. A lot of people decide if they’re unable to workout for an hour or more, then they might as well not workout at all. The beauty of this quick system is that it makes exercise possible for anyone’s busy schedule.

As your fitness level improves , you can increase the intensity by repeating the entire routine, two to three times consecutively for even more challenge and benefits.


•Get your physician’s approval before starting this or any exercise program.
•Breathe in and out through the nose.
•Keep your back straight and your abs tight and engaged during all movements.

•Stay hydrated. Go at YOUR pace

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