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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure by FCTRY

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
This is pretty great!

We're turning RBG into an awesome, iconic Action Figure!
About this project : The Popular VoteOver the last year we’ve been hearing one name, over and over again, from all of our fans

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More about project :
OK, well technically, it was just three initials…  The people have spoken and in these turbulent times of political uncertainty, a most unlikely hero has emerged – and that means it’s time for us to make a new action figure! A Tiny Work of ArtOne day, we hope to get our shrink ray perfected. Until then all of our action figures will be sculpted by Mike Leavitt, a well-known, Seattle-based sculptor and master caricaturist. Mike lovingly crafts each figure by hand, in regular, old fashioned clay. If you sense a bit of extra soul in our figures, compared to what you remember action figures looking like as a kid, this is the reason why.    Not Just Fun & GamesWe have an awful lot of fun making our toys and RBG is an exceptionally fun character to celebrate in this medium (we like to think of her as the Yoda of our little action figure universe) but what makes this project extra-gratifying is the fact that RBG is such a tremendously positive and inspirational character to so many different kinds of people.Knowing that some of these figures will surely wind up in the hands of young girls and boys who may, quite possibly, grow up entirely free of all of the antiquated stereotypes that RBG has spent her life dismantling is both gratifying and humbling. Also, all of our action figures contribute to a cause that’s aligned with their real life counterpart. Justice Ginsburg made it exceptionally easy for us to choose a cause by creating her own non-profit – the National Women’s Law Center. If this Kickstarter is successful, we plan to partner with them in the future.  Closing ArgumentWe’ve gotten pretty good at making action figures at this point. RBG has already been sculpted, prototyped and is basically ready-to-go. All we need now is a little help from you to get the first run of action figures made.  …

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