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Ruth Bader Ginsburg confirmation hearing: Orrin Hatch

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I ran across the next very interesting vid. I can tell you sure admire the Notorious RBG in so far as I do. Take a look!

At Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s confirmation hearing, Senator Hatch presented her a hypothetical, drafted by Ed Whelan (@EdWhelanEPPC) about an employer in a predominantly black city who had never hired any blacks among his 57 employees over 13 years. Ginsburg’s exact record, of course (clerks, secretaries, and interns).

Ginsburg walked right into trap, said clear evidence of racial discrimination. When told that was her record, she completely missed the point of dubious reliance on statistics.

RBG: “I am going to try harder, and if you confirm me for this job, my attractiveness to black candidates is going to improve.”

~ From Youtube

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