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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘No Doubt’ Sexism Played Role in 2016 Election

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I came across the following very interesting vid. I can tell you all admire RBG just like I do. Take a look!

ROSE: “When do you think we’ll see a woman as president?”
GINSBURG: “When do I think?”
ROSE: “Mm-hmm.”
GINSBURG: “I think we came pretty close.”
ROSE: “Yes. Do you think sexism played a role in that campaign?”
GINSBURG: “Do I think so?”
ROSE: “Yes.”
GINSBURG: “I have no doubt that it did.” (Applause)
ROSE: “Do you think that it was decisive?”
GINSBURG: “That it was?”
ROSE: “Decisive.”
GINSBURG: “You know, so many —“
ROSE: “In other words, if Hillary Clinton had been a man, she would have won that election going away.”
GINSBURG: “There’s so many things that might have been decisive, but that was a major, major fact — factor.”

~ From Youtube

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