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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Sexism Was Major, Major Factor Against Hillary In 2016 (But 2008?)

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Did you see this?

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, speaking to Charlie Rose Tuesday night, said that sexism was “a major, major factor” in Hillary Clinton’s loss last November. Refresh our memories then … what did she say when the Democrats gave the nomination to Barack Obama and not Hillary Clinton in 2008? — Just curious. Did she say this in 2008 when Obama won the primary or nah? Somebody woke her up from a nap? When Obama beat her was that sexist as well? It was pretty sexist and racist when Hillary picked a middle-aged cisgender white man with a dad bod over, say, Elizabeth Warren, as her running mate. — I was able to overlook all of her character flaws…but that female thing really bothered me…said no one ever.

If we are so sexist, how come there are 3 women on Supreme Court?? Maybe Hillary was not elected cause she had serious flaws. I didn’t vote for HRC because she is a communist, a liar, Russia reset, Benghazi, uranium deal…not cuz she’s female. — OK, we’re beginning to see why some people might need 280 characters to tweet. — If you want to test whether people won’t vote for a woman because of “sexism,” nominate Nikki Haley. Not a terrible person like Hillary. — Or Condoleezza Rice. I’ve never met her but have always appreciated her smarts, hard work, honesty and deportment. Classy and wise.

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