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Stephen Colbert tries the ‘Notorious RBG’s’ workout

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Late night show host Stephen Colbert hit the gym with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to trial her challenging workout routine.Colbert met with the Justice, 85, at the gym of the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC, to find out how she stays so fit.The routine of stretches, push-ups, and weights sees the comedian sweat as he races to keep up with Ginsburg on Wednesday’s show as he learns the hard way how she lives up to her ‘notorious’ nickname.The hilarious clip begins with Colbert asking how he should address the oldest Justice on the Supreme Court.’Now you’re the notorious RBG,’ Colbert says referring to her popular moniker.With a smile she replies ‘it copies the Notorious B.I.G.,a famous rapper’.’And people ask what do you have in common with the Notorious B.I.G.and I say we have one thing clear in common and that is we were both born and bred in Brooklyn, New York,’ she adds.Decked his staple white button down shirt, black tie, and gym shorts, Colbert hit the gym floor and plays a song to get into the mood.’Do you ever listen to music to get all jacked up before you work out?’ he asks.Nonetheless Colbert proceeds to play Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) from a boombox.’I would never, never exercise to that noise.Let’s shut it off,’ she says while Colbert passionately dances freestyle.With opera playing in the background instead, the two follow a trainer’s stretching moves of neck, hip and knee rolls.Colbert then tries to emulate Ginsburg’s movements of sitting raised-leg bounces, arm cable pulls, push-ups and raised-leg planks.’While we’re down here do you want to wrestle?’ Colbert asks mid-plank.’No, I don’t do wrestling,’ she says shutting him down.The pair then complete tricep weight lifts and balance on exercise balls while lifting dumbbells.Feeling confident, Colbert offers a flexed bicep for the Justice to feel.After a quick grab she says ‘Pretty good’.As Ginsburg takes to the treadmill, Colbert perches on the one next to her, simply talking and watching on instead of taking steps of his own.When it’s time for arm cable pulls, Colbert notices Ginsburg’s encouraging expression and says: ‘Justice is blind but you know man meat when you see it.’ Feeling even more brash after a few moves Colbert says: ‘How strong are you on the Second Amendment? Because welcome to the gun show’ as he flexes and pops both of his biceps impressively.The routine sees Colbert confidently master the weight machines, but struggle during push-ups, where he sets himself on his knees, causing the trainee to poke fun at him.’I had reached my decision in the case of RBG versus kicking a**,’ Colbert says at the end of the workout clip.’Not only can the Justice last another five years on the bench, I believe she could have killed Tupac,’ he concludes.

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