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The Beauty of Life Tenure

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Just going to drop this article right here.

Some have argued against the efficacy of lifetime tenure for Supreme Court justices. But if Supreme Court justices weren’t guaranteed lifetime job security, would we receive such delicious morsels of information from our heavenly Goddess, the immortal Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

“The audience for the most part is awake,” she said about last month’s State of the Union address, “because they’re bobbing up and down, and we sit there, stone-faced, sober judges. But we’re not, at least I wasn’t, 100 percent sober.”

Real Bad Gangsta went on: “Because before we went to the State of the Union, Justice Kennedy brought in … it was an Opus something or other, very fine California wine, and I vowed this year, just sparkling water, stay away from the wine, but in the end, the dinner was so delicious, it needed wine.” Once again, something we can blame on Anthony Kennedy.

In other news, everything else RBG has said and done since July. Oops, maybe there will be more posts here soon.

Here’s a beautiful mosaic of Justice Ginsburg by Roz Zinner, who kindly offered to let me post it. Given the rare opportunity to use an image without committing a copyright violation, I cannot decline.

This mosaic belongs in some sort of everlasting place of worship, for the generations of future millennia to gaze up at in awe. Perhaps it can be mounted in the First Temple of Our Immortal, Ever Merciful Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Or maybe this should be the crowdfunded gift we can all buy for RBG, because I think it’s over the limit so that she’d have to report it on her annual public financial disclosure form. Birthday present??? (82 next month…)

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