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“The Notorious RBG” – Official Music Video

#NotoriousRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg #Feminist
Did you see this?

“The Notorious RBG” – Official Music Video.
The herstory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In rap.

Lyrics by Mia Weinberger
Music and production by Jeff Daye and Lloyd Kikoler
Music mixed by Lloyd Kikoler
Produced by BFD Productions
Producer: Tony Castle
Director: Roxy Hunt
Choreographer: Karla Garcia
Visual FX: Pixelsmyth
Director of Photography: Benjamin Garst
Line Producer: Kelly Rockwell
Accessories by Michael Plosky

RBG: Mia Weinberger

Grace Calio
Lauren Dalal
Joseph Fierberg
Darrin French
Evan Lacombe
Katie Lombardo
Joey Lucherini
Kaylee Olson
Betty Weinberger
Carley Wright

Special Thanks:
Chris Barlow
Barbara Goodman
Emily Maltby
Sam Quinn
Ian Weinberger
Seth Weinberger

~ From Youtube

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