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Yay, Happy Feelings; I Love You RBG!!!

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This is a good post!

I’m going to have lots of nice pictures of RBG in this post.
So I’ve been pretty negative here on the GinsBlog the past couple of days. The Voting Rights Act decision made me really mad. But this blog is about the Baddest Bitch, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka Real Bad Gangsta, not the all the basic bitches on the Court. I should be celebrating her, not focusing on the snakes like Kennedy (I don’t care if he voted to strike down DOMA, he’s still a snake). I guess a silver lining of the vile conservative majority currently on the Court is that Justice Ginsburg has been able to shine ever brighter as a beacon of hope in grim, sad world the conservatives seem so intent on creating.

Look at that collar thing! It’s so adorable!!!!

I would say “Long Live Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!” but there’s no need to say it because she is immortal and will live forever! Remember that time she broke her ribs and just kept going? Or how she defeated that bitchass pancreatic cancer that thought it could stop her? That’s why they call her the Baddest Bitch.
I’ll just include this again, because it took me a while to make and it’s fitting today, or whatever.
And we should all remember that Justice Ginsburg is a gay icon. Nay, she is THE gay icon.
So hooray, DOMA was struck down. I guess all the Black gay people living in, say, Mississippi actually have fewer rights than they did two days ago, but, oops, I said I wasn’t going to be negative. Well, even the queer people of color in the Deep South can know that at least the Baddest Bitch is on their side.One a clear night, you can see Justice Ginsburg riding her winged unicorn across the sky on her way to the Supreme Court. You’ll know it’s her by the rainbow trail in the sky. (I’ll try to have a picture of this soon.)

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